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Causes of Obesity

It is believed that the main cause of obesity is a violation of the energy balance, that is, people consume much more food than it needs to maintain the life of the organism. As a result of overeating, inconsistencies balance between energy intake and expenditure of calories a person begins to rapidly grow fat tissue. This muscle mass can be directly proportional to the decrease. It is certainly important, but not the only factor, because of which there is obesity.

The main reason for obesity - the hypothalamic-pituitary disease, which lead to eating disorders. In second place is a metabolic disorder due to hormonal imbalance. For example, excess levels of prolactin leads to obesity, which often overlook women who nurse their baby breast milk.

Symptoms of obesity

The main symptom of obesity - steadily increased appetite and weight gain. With the advanced stage of the disease is rapidly increasing weight. In the first stage weight exceeds the ideal settings by 29 percent. In a second step excess of 40 percent by weight. In the third step, obesity weight exceeds ideal already at 50-99 percent. As a last step - 100 percent or more.

The main symptoms of obesity are expressed as general weakness, fatigue. The patient is tormented by drowsiness, irritability, depressed mood, swelling, shortness of breath, pain in the spine and joints.

Hypothalamic obesity was associated with an increased appetite, which is amplified in the evening and at night. Women suffer from infertility, menstrual irregularities, hirsutism. In men, reduced potency.

Diagnosis of obesity

In the diagnosis of obesity patient appoint electroencephalographic study allows to identify violations diencephalic brain structures. Also recommended X-ray examination of the spine and the skull, dexamethasone suppression test, blood and urine tests to determine the level of sugar, diagnosis of hormonal status.

The patient was sent for detailed examination to the therapist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, psychiatrist and other narrow specialists, if revealed some variations in health status.

Treatment of obesity

Treatment of obesity complex. First of all the patient work of an individual nutritionist and nutrition program. Along with diet therapy recommended to exercise.

With increased appetite endocrinologist appoints anorectic drugs, thyroid pharmaceuticals, biguanides. To restore the function of the ovaries of women selected estrogen-progestin hormonal.

The fourth stage of obesity - the most dangerous. Surgical treatment is unavoidable. On the upper part of the stomach impose special ring or band. This helps to drastically reduce food intake and lose weight. Then need plastic surgery to remove excess skin and bring the body in perfect condition.

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