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Also important that the wrapping is best done with red pepper, with the addition of various substances.
The result of the procedure can be seen in a month.

With vodka.
Teaspoon pepper mixed with ground coffee and salt, the resulting mass pour vodka - should get a sour cream-like mixture.
Apply only necessary on problem areas. Body wrap with plastic wrap and put on warm clothes, then rinse with water. Duration of procedure - twenty minutes.

The ratio of one to one needs to take pepper, cinnamon and honey - all mixed. Add one hundred grams of oil, preferably olive oil and the resulting mass Apply problem areas, rinse with warm water.
The procedure lasts 20 minutes.
However, as with any cosmetic action, in this type of contraindications.
If you have an allergic reaction to any of the components, it is better not to resort to this kind of wraps.
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