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It is best to go to the Crimea in early summer. At this time, the beaches are not so many tourists, and the prices of travel agencies have not yet set the maximum. So you can save a considerable amount of money.
The climate for the most part in the Crimea is moderate, sudden changes do not happen. Very soft air humid on the coast and dry Bole away from the sea. The sun shines almost all year round, even in the Crimea nights are warm and bright, and the sea is gentle and warm. You can swim from May to October.
View in Crimea may be especially well-known attractions, such as the Swallow's Nest. This is an amazing villa, built in the years 1910-1912 in the form of an ancient castle on the cliff of Cape Ai-Todor near Yalta. The cottage was built in the style of Western Europe R. Baron Vladimir Steinheil. Later, there was a restaurant, which delights visitors to this day.
Another attraction is the magnificent Massandra Palace. Initially, the building began to build for the Prince SM Vorontsov, but a year later bought out his and finish for the Emperor Alexander III. In Soviet times there was a government dacha, and now a museum. The building was constructed in a very picturesque area next to the mountains and surrounded by forest.
Because of the unusual natural attractions worth visiting large marble cave. It was discovered recently in 1987, but now is of great value and interest for scientists and tourists from all over the world. It is located at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level, it is quite cold, only about 8 degrees. For special excursions laid-road routes, held lighting.
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