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Many people know that the sun is a big ball of boiling. The temperature of its upper layers is about a million degrees. Thus, hydrogen and helium are accelerated. There pushing them. Some particles as a result of such movements are knocked out, picking up speed so great that they are able to overcome solar attraction. Such flows are called the solar wind. In moments of solar activity like the wind speed increases. His plasma for a few days up to the ground. So there is an infringement of quiet geomagnetic background. Tensions natural magnetic field begins to be subject to strong and rapid changes that give rise to a magnetic storm.
Similar outbreaks excite the human body at the molecular level. And the beat in this case, magnetic storms just at the weakest point. Scientists, in turn, explain this phenomenon as follows. During solar activity the human body produces many more cells, which are responsible for immunity. However, their activity is reduced by several times. As a result, the person loses the ability to resist bad mood, state of health and disease.
It is worth noting that during exposure to magnetic storms and reduced production of melatonin. But it is responsible for the immune system and human biorhythms. The result is a violation of hormonal background. Also, the cardiovascular system begins to malfunction. A person may feel low or heart palpitations, high blood pressure. When this oxygen is not supplied in sufficient quantities in the brain. A person may experience insomnia, joint pain, migraine, depressed mood. With significant ailments sure to consult your doctor.
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