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Highest point

Kilimanjaro reaches a height of 5895 m, and it occupies an area equal to 97 km. Among experts there is the allegation that the mountain seems to be the highest among freestanding mountains in the entire world. Mountain consists of three potentially active volcanoes. We are talking about volcanoes Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo, which may at any time come to life.

Volcanoes Kilimanjaro united among themselves a long history of eruptions, which were strong enough. Education began with the appearance of Mount Shira volcano, which reaches a height equal to 3962 m. According to scientists, the volcano earlier was much higher, but the impact of the height of the eruption of enormous power acquired a value that is fixed today. The volcano is located just west of the highest point of the mountain. The eastern side of the volcano located Mawenzi. But the most youngest volcano is considered to be Kibo.

Majestic gray-blue mountain

Gore got its name by chance Kilimanjaro. Translated from Swahili it means "shining mountain". Top of the mountain has a characteristic shape, it can be seen for many kilometers. In intense heat, observers may witness the only snow-capped peaks, as the base of the mountain is drained from the surrounding mountain savannah.

Kilimanjaro is so large that it creates around itself its own special climate. This is common to all the major mountains, the width of which is of great importance. Vegetation on the base of the mountain and its slopes is different from the semi-arid areas that are around it. This is due to the unique features of climate. Due to moist winds that blow from the Indian Ocean, on Kilimanjaro falls sufficient precipitation in the form of rain or snow, which contributes to the spread of active vegetation on the slopes.

The top of the mountain is covered with eternal snow and glaciers. But after a series of thorough research, scientists have concluded that over the years, glaciers are retreating and getting smaller. This is due to the fact that on top falls insufficient to compensate for the amount of precipitation. Another group of scientists put forward a different version. They believe that with time comes warming one of the active volcanoes. If the situation has not change, by 2200 on top of Kilimanjaro will not be snow-covered caps.
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