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Preliminary collection of material.
Try to learn more about your respondent and his profession. Read professional literature, magazine, or browse relevant sites. It would be nice to find a biography in advance of your future companion. As a rule, it is not difficult, if it is sufficiently well-known person. In addition, the perfect material as the trial last interview. What is it for? You draw up a preliminary portrait of a man will know that he is is and will be able to ask him a really interesting question, is not "bogged down" in the details and biographical detail.
Prepare a list of questions
The first phase helped you formed an opinion about a person. Now the list of issues will automatically fall out education and awareness: "Where were you born," "What did you do," etc. The study of biographies will give food more interesting question: "How did you manage to escape from the province and become the coolest copywriter of all time?". Questions should reveal the essence of man, to give him a lot of space for reflection and analysis. Analysts, especially in the interview to read at times more interesting than dry statistics.
Talk to those who know the person
It could be anyone. If you know of friends - you're in luck. Ask them what the nature of man as he speaks, what his habits, he likes what he can ask questions, and what is better to avoid, etc. For example, if you find that you like the same book or a musical group, in an interview may induce him to talk about it, mention that you will like it too - and the person will be a better you is.
Rehearse the interview
It seems ridiculous, but it is necessary to rehearse the interview. At least in my head. Imagine how you talk, how you meet with any words you start the conversation, what will you do if your partner will be silent and to respond in monosyllables, or, conversely, will yammer. Sometimes you have limited time - think about how much you will have time to ask questions.
Do not forget about the appearance
Give myself up: If your buddy something you alienate - believe the interview will fail. Think about the clothes. It should not be too blatant or calling.
Test equipment
Batteries of the camera and the recorder should be charged, in the notebook should look for clean sheets and handles better take along two pieces.
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