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To begin with it should be noted that when working in a room free of dust. Even small dust particles do not have to sit on fresh lacquered. Valid individual hairs brush as this you can not be avoided. They have no effect on the total resistance of the coating. Note that the flooring can have significant defects.
Surface is covered with varnish evenly. The wood has a different absorbency, so it is unlikely you will be able to observe a certain thickness. Himself parquet should not have a rough surface.
Clearcoat is best done immediately after polishing the parquet. You can do the work by hand or with a mechanical device, for example, the gun. Using a spatula, and the primer may be applied first layer. The rest is recommended to be applied by brush or roller. When applying the varnish with a spatula, orient the passages criss-cross each other. If you have made a first pass along the room, the second case across. Strokes perform S-shaped movements. Lacquer in this case will be more durable. At the same time will be masked, and the joints of adjacent areas. Wood eventually must purchase light tone.
For the application of the other layers, use a broad brush. Smears her perform U-shaped movements. Thus you will be able to block the neighboring plot. The varnish layer in this case is thin. Brush should always be in contact with freshly applied layer. After working with two-component paints always rinse the brush with solvent. Do not allow residues of varnish hardening. If you are working with a single-component varnish, then during a break can leave the brush in the container with him. After work, let coating completely dry. It takes about 2 days.
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