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You will need
  • - 288 square patches with a side of 8 cm;
  • - 1.60 m to 1.20 m fabric lining;
  • - 1.60 m to 1.20 m batting for installation;
  • - 50 cm fabric width of 1.20 m for the facings;
  • - Pins;
  • - White mercerized yarn;
  • - iron.
Assemble the front of the curtain: scraps of fabric, select a color that matches your design. Carefully flatten the original fabric, cut 288 square patches with a side of 8 cm.
Sostrochite scraps pairs, folded them face and stepped back from the edge of 5 mm (use the allowance of 5 mm below the seam of the entire work). Allowances smoothen together on one side. Make blocks of the four patches, sostrochiv pair with each other. Before joining the pair sostrochennyh patches with each other, however the central pin joints couples to get a perfectly smooth squares (should be able to block 72).
Sostrochite number of 8 units, smooth out all the seams to one side, for example, to the right. In the second row smoothen the seams left. Sostrochite as all nine rows zaglazhivaya seams in different directions.
Sostrochite consistently ranks obtained each time zaglazhivaya seams down.
Take linings, otutyuzhte, cut a rectangle of this size, place it face down on a flat surface Lay batting on top and flatten creases and bumps. On top, place the front of the curtain, face up, flatten and smooth all three layers. Make sure that the front of the slices and batting laid lined strictly parallel to each other.
Cleave the pins all three layers: shear start from the center of the rectangle up, down, right and left, then grill over the entire surface. Leave 20-15 cm distance between pins.
Follow tie blankets Take a needle and white mercerized thread, pierce the veil in the center of the front side, pull the thread, leaving 5 cm of the end, print needle in the neighboring shreds, close to the first puncture, make one stitch, insert the needle into the same puncture leave 5 cm of the free end of the second strand.
Make the free ends of two nodules, pull together in the same way all the point where converge the four patches.
Perform piping covered: first prometayte sections at a distance of 3 cm from the edges of the front side. Cut the liner and batting to 1.5 cm from the left edge of the front side. Cut four strips of 6 cm and a length of 1.20 m.
Fold the strips face inward in half lengthwise and smooth, then tuck 5 mm along one long side on the wrong side. Pin-pin piping to the bedspread, folded them face to the raw edges aligned. Just Pin piping to the opposite side of the curtain.
Stripes stitched piping to the two sides, bend them over the edge of the lining, smooth out the seam. Hem folded edge to the lining of a hidden seam. Trim the sides with facings up to 3 mm.
Stitched in the same way the piping strip to the two remaining sides, leave 5 mm from the end face side strips bend them to the backing side and tuck the hem a hidden seam.
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