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The main danger to the chemical fumes that breathes a pregnant woman during the application. In addition, elements of the paint through the scalp and absorbed into the blood, although the study is not confirmed, may adversely affect the fetus. The question arises, what to dye your hair during pregnancy to protect the baby.
In the first trimester, doctors strongly recommend to abandon coloring head of hair because of toxicity and allergic reactions. Also during this period, the basic organs, so no need to expose the child at risk.
It is likely that, given the hormonal changes eventually will tint is not as expected. This, though rarely, but it happens. But from the second trimester is already possible to find out how to dye hair pregnant without danger to the baby.
Prefer tinted balm or highlights - so the paint will come into contact with the lower portions of the scalp. Besides, there are various methods of non-chemical staining, which may be an excellent alternative in this period.
When the march to the salon note if there is a separate room. If not, better to invite a wizard in the house, so as not to breathe the thick vapors of paint, lacquer, mousse.
Sit at home by an open window or hood and wear a medical mask - so you do not inhale ammonia vapors. After staining wrap head with polyethylene and towel. Again, so you will minimize the contact of the respiratory tract with chemical fumes.
Pondering whether to dye your hair during pregnancy, take on arms henna and basma. These ingredients can produce a variety of shades in different dosages. Of course, such dyes not only work on previously dyed hair.
If you've clarified hair, then you will be pleased to learn how to dye hair pregnant folk remedies. To maintain blonde hue is often used a decoction of chamomile, rhubarb, saffron.
For women who prefer red palette to resolve the dilemma of what to dye your hair during pregnancy helps beet juice, onion skins and leaves madder.
For chocolate hue used coffee with cognac, as well as leaves and walnut shells. All these ingredients are hypoallergenic and do not affect the health of the fetus.
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