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Theda Bara

One of the first films about Cleopatra was filmed in 1917. In the role of the great Queen appeared before the public a little movie star Theda Bara. That it is considered the first sex symbol of cinema. Unfortunately, after a fire in the New York Museum of Modern Art, the film with the painting had been lost, and so far reached only fragments, as well as several promotional photos of the actress in the image.
Treasure Seekers still hope that somewhere gathering dust copy of "Cleopatra" in 1917. This tape is listed in the top ten most wanted films in the world.

Claudette Colbert

Another sign Cleopatra was the French-born American actress Claudette Colbert. She played the perfect seductress in the eponymous film in 1934. The film was shot in the aesthetics of art deco and received several Oscar nominations and won one of the statuettes, won in the category "Best Cinematography".

Vivien Leigh

In 1945 saw the release of "Caesar and Cleopatra", shot on the play Benrnarda Shaw. Glan role in it played by Vivien Leigh and Claude Rains. In contrast to the many historical, dramatic and melodramatic films, this picture has been removed as a sweet romantic comedy. Cleopatra Vivien Leigh rather sweet and flirtatious than fatal.
The film with Vivien Leigh was the first color film about Cleopatra.

Sophia Loren

The same proved to be frivolous and Cleopatra by Sophia Loren. In 1953, she played two roles in the film "2 Nights with Cleopatra" - the very queen and slave Nixx impersonating her.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is perhaps best known as an actress, playing the role of the Egyptian queen. Few movie fans faced with her image in the famous dress of gold brocade. In the film "Cleopatra", released in 1963, Elizabeth was replaced 65 luxurious outfits that cost a record sum for those times - two hundred thousand dollars. Before that no one has spent so much money on costumes for a character. However, it is worth to pay tribute to the great Taylor, her game is not worthy of such investments.
The film "Cleopatra" with Elizabeth Taylor is still among the top five most expensive Hollywood films.

Monica Bellucci

In 2002, the world saw the French film "Asterix and Obelix: familiarity with Cleopatra." In the role of a beautiful queen she appeared one of the most sophisticated contemporary actresses, Italian Monica Bellucci.

Angelina Jolie

The favorite of millions of men, Angelina Jolie wants to see starring producer Scott Rudin, who bought the rights to a screen version of the book by Stacy Schiff "Life of Cleopatra." Oddly enough, this idea has opponents who say that Jolie "too white" for the Queen, which flowed African blood. Surprisingly, the adherents of the idea of "Black Cleopatra" is not displaced any great actress who played the queen, among whom few were darker Jolie, nor assurances of historians, that, according to the reconstruction of great beauty with a modern taste was too low, too full and too coarse facial features .
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