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Compliance Hosting

Before installing online, make sure that your chosen hosting meets the requirements of the script. The required parameters, you can explore the official website of the developer. Most new applications PHP is not necessary to have at least version 5.1. On hosting to be implemented opportunity to work with MySQL (PostgreSQL, MS SQL or Oracle, depending on the script). Also, some forums require connected libraries (zlib, Imagemagick), the details of which you can learn from your hosting provider. The presence of all libraries is checked by the installer.
The installation is complete, if your server does not meet the required specification.

Preparing to Install

Before installation, you'll need to download a file to their online hosting. To do this, go to the control panel to manage your account on the provider's server, and then use the file manager or service FTP. Download the archive with the forum directory, located on the level below htdocs (or www, depending on the version of the software hosting). After surgery unzip the file in this directory using the appropriate Control Panel items.

Create a database for the forum at the server. To do this, select option "Create Database" in the hosting control panel.
Save the user name and password to access the database, as their input is required during installation.


Using your browser, navigate to your site to the directory where you saved the forum. If all the actions were made correctly you will see a message on the forum about the beginning of the installation. Click "Next" program to verify compliance with the requirements of its server. If there are errors in this step should be to contact your hosting provider for clarification.

If the test is successful, enter the name of your database host name, login and password for access. Wait for the installation and specify the initial configuration parameters. Installation is complete now and you can begin to change it.
The installation procedure of the script may be different because of the individual characteristics of each engine. If you have problems, you can use the file readme.txt and install.txt, which are in one file with the forum.

Some hosting providers offer services to automatically install scripts to the server forums. If unable to complete installation, try to pick up an older version of the chosen forum or use alternative engines.
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