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Most young people, hearing the word "Ibiza", the picture is just dancing on the hot sand, club music and lots of new friends. On this island people come from all over the world not just a vacation. They want to have some fun so tired of resting.

On the question of how to relax in Ibiza, there is only one answer - this island just forget about the dream for the summer period.

Party People

Youth like apartments and hotels, which are located a few kilometers from the island's capital, San Antonio or Talamanca. The first attracts a huge number of different institutions, including:

- Bars;
- Restaurants;
- Clubs.

Among the audience of San Antonio there are many young Britons. This resort is popular with many businessmen, stars of sport and show business. It may prove magnificent yachts that are parked all along the coast.

The most popular dance floors shall be considered:

- Space;
- Privilege;
- Eden;
- Pacha.

After the dance, you can meet the sunrise in some cafe or bar. Some non-stop fun at all, and night parties gradually replaces a beach holiday. For such a holiday vacationers quietly replaces another, and so on to infinity.

Family holiday

Many people wonder where the rest of Ibiza family tourists. The answer lies in the resort of Portinatx is either the San Antonio. However, we must remember that the last serene and calm extremely quiet during the offseason: the fall or spring.

Activities to Vip

If prices are not important and the question of how much rest is not even raised, then why not go to San Miguel. This resort is known for magnificent palaces and even more beautiful scenery. After visiting the port of this resort, which is located around the picturesque cliffs and hills, you will definitely get a lot of vivid impressions.

In the caves of San Marco before hiding smugglers. A maze of stone decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, with a wonderful waterfall like even those who are indifferent to the beauty of nature.


The island's capital is surrounded by wonderful pine forests. Above the port, high on a hill, it is the "old town", is the historical center of the town. It is considered very valuable medieval monument.

In the modern part of the city there is an ancient cathedral and a medieval castle. Furthermore, ancient buildings in which lived to know, and large city gates perfectly side by side with trendy restaurants, shops and clubs.
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