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In addition, people suffering from hypertension useful data baths, because they reduce blood pressure.
Mustard baths exert a therapeutic effect due to their heated property.

But there is a contraindication. If your disease is elevated temperature, then in any case do not use such a bath.

It is necessary to take a powder and add a tablespoon in a bowl filled with water. Keep your feet in the water should be about half an hour, and add hot water to cool down as soon as the one that is already in the basin.
Then rinse the feet with plain water, and wear wool socks. And best of all, if you're after the procedure immediately go to bed.

Bath with mustard use daily at bedtime until complete recovery. You can carry out the procedure, and as a preventive measure. In winter and autumn period of time to all diseases bypassed party do you bath a few times a month.

And to the effect of the bath did not take long to drink green tea with raspberries or herbal infusion.
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