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Any color need light and preferably sunny. With dratsenu in the house, make sure it gets enough sunlight.
With large plants can be visually divide the space in the room or area to make a partition between the chambers in the form of several large plants. The main thing that the pot in this case, did not play a leading role. Plants are planted in a shallow dish, in harmony with the color of the floor or wall to the main on background was green.
Do not place the lush bushes in corners and corridors, the plant will create the effect of "spider" is simply visually pollute and distort space.
If the window offers a good view of the park or square, where a lot of greens, do not put close dratsenu, against this background foliage will merge, and the interior will not win anything.
If you want to select individual items or place, such as a TV or a bookshelf, put on the sides of two small plants. Note that they need to be of the same type and size is desirable.
Pay attention to the shape of the plant. Among the varieties of dracaena many options. Look for plants that are suitable for you. Do not buy copies of the tall, slender, if you have low ceilings or high, narrow windows, such plants only accentuate flaws.
And never grasp to work with fresh flowers, if you do not love them. Flowers and indoor plants are feeling your energy and mood. They will never grow well and bloom, if they do not show due care and attention.
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