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You will need
  • - Money to pay for education.
Consider how much you need such courses. Since most of the majors are now only accept the results of the exam, the courses at the university you will have to prepare for the same exams as in school. Therefore, if you have an adequate level of training, then you do not need them zapisyvatsya.V the same time, the courses can be useful to explore the university, its atmosphere, teachers and students. They are also required to prepare for admission to the Art: painting, journalism, music. The reason is that such training university faculties conducting additional examinations are not included in the program of the exam. And training courses to help you better understand the requirements of the exam in a particular school.
Find out when courses start in your chosen university. To do this, call the secretariat of the University in late August - early September. Also, get information on the cost and schedule of activities.
If the course is offered several options to select suitable for you. Usually there is the opportunity to attend a long-term (eight-nine months) and short-term (a few weeks) studies. The last being more intensivnostyu.Takzhe, if you want you can choose not to prepare all entrance exams, but only to the program that cause you the most trouble.
Come to the university in person a few days before the course starts. Sign up to them, if you fit the schedule of classes and their cost. Pay classes. Depending on the requirements of an educational institution, you may be required full payment in advance or making the amount in installments. Do not forget to get a check or a receipt - the document confirms that you have the necessary amount of the fees.
If required by the program of the subject, buy the necessary textbooks or take them to the library.
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