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You will need
  • - 300 grams of lamb on the bone;
  • - 2 potatoes;
  • - 2 carrots;
  • - A bunch of celery;
  • - Dried basil;
  • - Salt, pepper, bay leaf.
Boil until tender lamb, it will take at least 1.5 hours. Be sure to strain the broth, pour it back into the pan.
Peel the carrots, cut into small cubes. It is best for this recipe not to take young carrots - it will be in the soup almost palpable.
Potatoes too clean, cut into cubes or strips - both more accustomed cut for soups. But it is better to cut thinner to potato welded faster.
Wash the celery, for this recipe will require only part of the sheet, do not cut thick stem.
Add the potato soup with carrot, chopped celery. The finished meat is also cut into small pieces and send it back into the pan. At this stage, it is not necessary to salt the soup, or the potatoes will cook much longer.
Boil until tender mutton soup of potatoes, then season with salt, add the bay leaf, pepper, cook for another 5 minutes, cover and turn off the heat. Under the hood, the soup must insist for at least 10 minutes.
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