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Blood is some combination of surface antigens of erythrocytes (agglutinogens) ABO system. There are four blood group system AB0. Group 0 (I) - no erythrocytes agglutinogens are present in plasma agglutinins alpha and beta. Group A (II) - agglutinogen erythrocytes contain only A is present in the plasma beta agglutinin. Group B (III) - In agglutinogen containing erythrocytes, the plasma contains alpha agglutinin. Group AB (IV) - present on erythrocytes antigens A and B, does not contain plasma agglutinin.
Determination of group affiliation is very widely used in clinical practice for transfusion of blood and its components, as well as in obstetrics and gynecology in the planning and management of pregnancy.
Blood grouping is carried out in specialized laboratories immunological clinics and hospitals, as well as in laboratories at blood transfusion stations. Biological material acts venous blood stabilized with special preservatives; blood taken from a finger; venous blood without preservative.
The analysis is preferable to take in the morning on an empty stomach. In order to simplify the collection of blood from a vein for 20-30 minutes before the procedure can take a walk leisurely pace. This walk will improve blood circulation and make the veins more pronounced. If necessary, immediate delivery of the analysis to determine the blood group of 1-2 hours is desirable to exclude the use of liquids and foods.
Taking blood from a finger for analysis to determine the blood group is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach. Research carried out in the direction of a physician. It is advisable to rule out physical activities: running, climbing stairs.
2-3 days prior to delivery of the analysis to determine the blood from a vein or from a finger should drink per day 1-2 liters of fluid. The day before the delivery of blood to determine blood group should be excluded from the diet of fatty and fried foods, alcohol, and it is not recommended to attend bath or sauna. Before any analysis, try to eliminate the emotional experience and excitement. One hour prior to blood sampling is non-smoking.
Immediately prior to blood donation is necessary to sit a bit and calm down. Try to warm his hands before a blood test for the expansion of blood vessels and improve circulation of blood on them, which will make the veins more prominent. Blood should not donate after radiography, rectal examination or physiotherapy.
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