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How to choose a children's nail polish?

Lipsticks created especially for children do not contain hazardous substances such as, for example, acetone. However, they still present chemistry, especially in low-cost samples, so it is always carefully study the composition before buying.

A lot of moms want to look like children's manicure can be natural, so children should choose varnishes bodily or very light pink shades. Look for options with a dim sparkles, such coatings do not leave indifferent young fashionistas. Do not buy paints too bright colors, they look at the children's hands and defiantly ironic that could cause the condemnation at school or kindergarten.
Be sure to tell her daughter how to properly care for your nails, how to do a manicure. This will help her in the future. Buy daughter a small manicure set.

Carefully study the structure of children's paints, try to find options with special reinforcing additives that will benefit the child. Lucky with calcium and other minerals strengthen thin, weak nails.

In some cases, producers use flavorings to mitigate the smell of varnish, so always look carefully composed, which means it is used for this purpose. If your child is prone to allergic reactions, from overly scented varnish is better to refuse.

Always buy baby varnishes verified cosmetic shops, markets and the subway - not the best place to buy such things.

The struggle with bad habits

Doing manicure daughter at home, you need to keep in mind a few nuances. It is not necessary to cut off the cuticle, it should be cleaned using special gels is undesirable as polishing the nail plate, nail because children are not ready for such a procedure. Rasp and polish only the edges of the nails.
Do not forget to buy a special tool to remove the child varnish.

Children often become a bad habit of biting his nails, from which it is very difficult to cure. Shouting and banging hands harm the psychological health of the child, introduce him to a state of stress and only exacerbate the habit. It is much easier to buy a special lacquer "nekusayka", which was created to deal with this problem. This colorless agent suitable for girls and boys. Lac nekusayka very bitter taste that discourages the child to try their painted fingernails taste again. Just use this paint for a couple weeks, and nail-biting disappears.
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