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The problem of excess weight for young mothers is very relevant. In all kinds of women's forums and children's playgrounds are constantly held discussions on this topic. It turned out that there are several easy ways to help your body get rid of excess weight.
One of the most common mistakes of young mothers is built wrong mode of the day. Such mothers fully engaged the kids while they are awake, and as soon as the kids fall asleep, throw themselves on the fridge, trying to eat for the future. This approach is very harmful. Skipping meals, you are exposing your body to stress, as a result it tends to accumulate extra weight. In addition, the constant skipping meals can trigger the occurrence of chronic fatigue. To get rid of excess weight, start eating with the child for at least four or five times a day in small portions. Even the most restless children let their mothers carve out five to ten minutes for food. By the way, do not eat up the food for the child, even if it is a pity, like podedanie contributes to the appearance of excess weight.
Experts say that women who breast-feed her baby, returned to previous form much faster. There is a link between breastfeeding and the process of uterine contractions, which returns to the pre-natal state while feeding a lot faster. However, many mothers only gain weight while breastfeeding, but this is again due to malnutrition. There is a widespread belief that while breastfeeding woman should eat a lot of dairy products, and quite fat to make milk better. In fact, it is better to concentrate on useful and vitamin-rich food as the child does not need the calories and nutrients.
Do not immediately after giving birth to begin to adhere to a strict diet. In the first year after the birth of a baby it useless, besides, during breast-feeding, you must fully eat. Suffice it to keep track of what you eat, and try not to overeat. Be sure to include in your diet cheese, fish and dairy products, meat or legumes as a source of protein. A balanced diet will allow your body to feel less stress, which further help to get rid of excess weight.
Of course, the first time after the birth of a baby is very difficult to force yourself to engage in any physical activity, and even if it is not a problem to find the time is incredibly difficult. Walking - this is what you need for you and your child. It is believed that a baby should be a walk twice a day for at least an hour, preferably two or three. An hour away, depending on your weight, you can burn quite a decent amount of calories. Daily walks - just a panacea for young mothers who want to regain the prenatal form.
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