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Listening full of optimism reports of Russian officials from outer space, you can really think about what the industry is all right. Competitors in the delivery of astronauts in orbit at the moment Russia does not have - given the US space program to the private sector, China is just learning to send people into space, work out procedures for docking in orbit. From Kourou started flying the Russian "Soyuz", developed navigation system GLONASS, build a new cosmodrome in the Far East.

But do not forget about a number of setbacks that have befallen the Russian space industry in recent years. The loss of the carrier rocket "Proton" with up to three satellites of the GLONASS system, failure to start cargo ship to ISS, the excretion of satellite "Express-AM4" on unplanned orbit, the loss of the first in many years, a scientific satellite "Phobos-Grunt" and several other failures cause serious think about whether Russia will be able to stay in the space industry is among the leaders.

Almost everything that is now Russia in space, created by Soviet designers and scientists. Of course, the same carrier rocket "Soyuz" is modified all the time, but basically it is the same "Seven" Korolev. The rocket is very good and beautiful, but morally too old. It seems to be in its place is a "Angara", and other projects are considered, but before the actual launch of new media business has not yet been reached. A series of accidents also suggests that the old, still Soviet margin, dries up, the industry is in a deep systemic crisis.

One of the main reasons for this situation are the lack of leadership of the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos) clear plans for the development of the industry. It seems that Russian officials are quite satisfied with the role of Russia as a space cab. Recently even started to talk about whether to space stations in the country, since the bulk of the orbital research already carried out in the presence of astronauts in orbit there is no point. Given that the service life of the ISS is finite, such talk can be considered almost an official statement on the topic of whether all Russian orbital station. Conclusion - not needed. As no need of new launch vehicles, no new spacecraft. A number of competitions for the development of promising projects of domestic space technology since nowhere and did not lead remains unclaimed even have virtually created "Angara" - no one knows what or whom it will carry.

It is a serious problem faced by the domestic space industry, was the situation with qualified personnel. In the last decade of the XX century and the first branch of XXI century there was a huge shortage of middle-aged workers. Most workers now or pensioners, or very young inexperienced professionals.

But the main cause of the problems in the Russian space industry is the lack of a truly breakthrough projects that can not only bring a new level, but also cause the Russians have a legitimate sense of pride. An example of such a decision can be called a lunar program of the US, not only caused an unprecedented surge of interest from the Americans, but also giving a strong impetus to the entire US space industry. It is quite clear, and the current decision to transfer management of US space into private hands - the technological level of a number of companies allows them to create the most advanced spacecraft and healthy competition will lead to the conclusion that people and cargo into orbit will become cheaper. In this situation, Russia with its missile half a century ago would be on the side of the space industry.

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