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A few years ago, homeowners did not think about what to choose for sewage pipes, as their product range was not wide. Today, the market can find a tube made not only from the "good old" iron and polymers - plastics, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, and others. What are the pipes for sewage prefer?
We must immediately say a few words about the long and firmly entered into the everyday life of steel and iron products: they are to this day is used for external sewage systems in large enterprises petrochemical and other industries. They are quite durable, easy to install and can withstand very high temperatures. However, in everyday life and private homes began to use this metal is rarely because of its rapid cross-contamination and to reduce waste water, as well as the need to use special elements for the connection. Cast iron is advisable to apply only in one case - the repair of the old pipe lines of the same material. In all other cases it is necessary to apply a more durable and cheaper materials - plastic.
From a number of engineering plastics for sewers the most widely used two types of polymers: polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. This tube rental is strong enough, resistant to UV light and slightly expands when the temperature drops. Sewer polyethylene differs moderate capacity, good flexibility and high ring stiffness, so these tubes should not choose to mount the external lines and drainage systems. Moreover, this should only be used as a corrugated tube consisting of several layers of polymer. Such products are not afraid of any huge amount of waste, no significant pressure of the soil.
Pipes made of polyvinylchloride exhibit better bandwidth segment. In addition, this pipeline has a higher ring stiffness and exhibits good resistance to axial forces, which allows it to be used successfully for mounting vertical risers. This kind of rolled advisable to opt for internal sewage systems.
Regarding the choice of the diameter of the sewer pipe, it can be calculated depending on the average daily volume of water consumed. However, in case of installation of sewerage system for private homes need such calculations do not. For the removal of waste water from the sink used 50-mm pipe. For the removal of waste from the toilet - 110 mm, and for the installation of a central line - 250 mm.
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