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Write the main idea in one sentence. This exercise is useful to many words letters do not "mask" the essence. The reader can perceive the text under his own point of view and not be treated as set out as the author's thoughts.
Add two or three paragraphs to explain. Usually people do not send the letter seriously, consisting of a single sentence. It is necessary to substantiate the claims or requests for which a letter was intended. Give facts, comparisons, other people's opinions, etc. to the addressee had not thinking the situation. Explanatory part of the letter can get long, then repeated several times in the text of the main idea, expressing it in different words.
Think administration to prepare the reader for the letter. Imagine in what state of mind should be the man to take seriously your words. Cheer him reassurance and express gratitude for the friendship.
Add inspiring conclusion. If you expect from a human response, specifically write about it. Specify the date and time if you want to get something. Otherwise, put the letter recipient to do other important things - because there is no time limit, so you can answer later. To inspire the reader to action, praise him and give thanks for the answer - if he already got it.
Record text on tape and listen to a few days alone. If the letter is not confidential, read it out loud in front of others, to hear opinions from the outside. If the listener to understand the essence of the letter can be sent. Sometimes it is not possible to postpone the analysis written in a few days - need urgent shipping. Then immediately read aloud to try and rectify discordant phrases.
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