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First, you must determine the type of scanner. There are three basic types, which differ from each other structural features. Most often acquire office flatbed scanner. Sheet or book placed on the glass substrate of the device. While scanning the original document does not move.
Sheetfed scanner is not suitable for working with books. It can scan only a few sheets of paper. Externally, these devices resemble printers. Information from the plate is transferred to a computer thanks to the digitization of the scanned image.
On sale there and slide scanners. The essence of this device is scanning film (slides) and saving images directly to a computer. Note that some models have a flatbed scanner slide adapter. About the design features necessary to specify the seller.
Having defined the type of scanner is ready to choose the type of sensor devices. They are of two types: Contact Image Sensor (CIS or if decipher, Contact Image Sensor) and a charge-coupled device (CCD or Charge-Coupled Device).
Scanner with mounted sensor CIS, has a relatively simple structure. This technique is quite thin and light. If we talk about the price, it is lower than other scanners. Among the shortcomings can be mentioned shallow depth of field. If you are scanning a book or bruising instrument may reduce image quality. It becomes blurred and somewhat blurred, which creates discomfort when reading the document.
Scanner with CCD sensor has a good color and a good depth of field. In such a device can scan any document, because the sensor detects the image and transmits it with a good precision. Professional scanning technique is performed on the basis of CCD. The disadvantages of these devices include a large weight, thickness and high cost.
So, everything is simple. If quality is important to you - choose CCD, you want to save - buy a scanner sensor CIS. Note the device document feeders. It is necessary for scanning large quantities of information. This feature is available in tablet and sheetfed scanner.
Think maybe your company is better to buy a universal scanner. Such devices can be equipped with slide-adapter. However, the adapter may not always be the best option. If you want a perfect picture quality, better slide scanner is purchased separately.
When choosing a scanner, you must consider the maximum sheet format with which you will work. To buy a professional scanning device with a resolution of 2,000 DPI. Normal scanner has a resolution of 600 to 1200 DPI. Pay attention to the color depth. To work in an office with sufficient color reproduction device 24 bits.
Specify whether the scanner operating system installed on your computer. Modern scanners can be operated via a USB cable. If this time is important to you, find out more technical characteristics of the device by the seller.
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