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Pros sex on the first date

  • You may have received an extraordinary pleasure from the rush of unbridled passion, experienced an incredible explosion of emotions with a new partner. Even if the relationship will not develop in the future, in the memory of this sex can remain bright experience.
  • You could without much loss of time to make nice to your close association with this man, and correspond to your sex partner or not.
  • If you are lucky with the skillful and tender partner, and sex on the first date was amazing, your self-esteem may skyrocket, especially if before you had sexual failure.
  • Whatever happens next, you have gained experience that will help you later to avoid mistakes in communicating with the opposite sex.

Cons sex on the first date

  • Sharply ended, so really it began, the most beautiful and amazing period of flirtation between a man and a woman, courtship, ancient game of seduction, gradually getting to know each other and convergence.
  • After the first sex relationship may cease immediately, if it lost interest in an easily accessible partner, especially if in addition to sex partners do not bind.
  • It will be hard to trust a person in the future, which is easy to agree to have sex on the first date. It may be that later you will a long and pleasant affair, but a shade of mistrust still remain.
  • Since there was virtually no time to establish a spiritual connection, you can wait for the disappointment of first sexual intercourse. And you can hurt indifferent or incorrect behavior of a partner after sex. Too bad if you feel exhausted or even worse - to use.
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