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Iodine deficiency and thyroid

Lack of iodine in the body can affect the thyroid function. Sometimes a deficiency of this trace element can cause mental retardation person.

In the initial stages of a lack of iodine can not affect the general condition of the body, so the person can not even guess about any violations. Over time, there is an increase of the thyroid gland, which has the following varieties:
- Hypothyroidism - reduced thyroid function, manifested a decrease in blood pressure;
- Euthyroidism - the level of hormones produced by the thyroid gland, in the normal range.

Even a small lack of iodine, about ten percent, could affect the mental abilities of people. Therefore, iodine deficiency worldwide is a serious threat to the intellectual and economic potential. In different regions of the Russian Federation iodine deficiency ranges from 15 to 98%, depending on the climatic characteristics and the composition of drinking water.

The required amount of iodine

The daily requirement, depending on the age of the person is from 100 to 200 million of the program. During the period of the life of a person consumes three - five grams of iodine. In order for the body to produce sufficient amounts of hormones, you need a constant supply of trace elements in it.

The daily requirement depends on the physiological condition and age of the person. There are certain norms of iodine in the body:
- Infants up to one year - 50 mg;
- Children from two to six years - 90 mg;
- 120 mg for children aged seven to twelve years;
- 150 mg for adults;
- 200 mg for lactating and pregnant women.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency

If the body will not receive the required amount of iodine, a person may experience the following symptoms:
- Lethargy, drowsiness, irritability and depression;
- Frequent headaches, memory loss, decreased mental ability;
- The weakening of the immune system;
- Women may be disturbed menstrual cycle, develop infertility, possible early menopause;
- A significant increase in thyroid gland leads to pressure on adjacent organs, a cough, difficult swallowing and asthma attacks occur.

For the prevention of micronutrient deficiencies in the body manufacturers produce foods fortified with iodine. In Russia, in addition to iodized salt producing bakery products, dairy products containing iodine. In case of any symptoms of iodine deficiency is necessary to consult a specialist for the purpose of treatment.
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