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What is the UEC

At the present time, until the project is at an early stage of development, the universal electronic card combines the functions of a payment instrument and identity, though not a substitute for a passport. It contains information on the personal data of a person, including the name, the number of pension insurance certificate (SNILS), these medical insurance policy MLA; In addition, at the request of a citizen, the card can be made in his individual taxpayer identification number (TIN), information about the benefits.

As a means of proving the identity of the cardholder uses his digital signature (EDS). With its help you can get access to various state, municipal and commercial services, even in electronic form from his home computer in its entirety. Among other things, you can get information from the pension fund, the tax service, the traffic police, to receive state and municipal services, pay bills for utilities, get ticket to the doctor and more.

Among other things, UEC can be used as a normal bank card. When making a universal card, you will automatically open a bank account. Since the authorized organizations for receiving applications and issuing UEC are usually the branch of a bank, the account will be opened in the bank where you apply for UEC. The universal electronic card can be released and the child.

What you need to get UEC

Gather the necessary documents: a Russian passport (birth certificate for the citizens to 14 years); MHI policy, identity SNILS, optional TIN number, proof of benefits and other documents certifying the data you would like to contribute to the UEC.

Make a list of the applications that you want to use - they will be made on your card. As the mandatory application of the federal act identification and banking. Learn about additional regional applications, please visit UEC your region.

To find out where in your area you can get the UEC, go to the official (federal) UEC website, in the section "How to UEC" select "service points", open at the top card in a special box, enter your area. Select the item you want service. To find out his exact address, click the mouse on the selected icon. To apply you need to contact the department personally selected to provide a package of documents and a list of applications you selected.

Depending on the number of applications for UEC in your area map will be made in the period from three weeks to six months. Card and required for use equipment (reader), you get in the bank for free.

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