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Decide for yourself daily rate of cigarettes. Stick to this limit and in any case, do not exceed it. If you are used to smoke a pack a day, do not limit yourself at the beginning, however, and does not go beyond what is permitted. To make it easier to monitor the implementation of the daily value, keep a cigarette as much as currently defined as a maximum. Those who rather, for example, fifteen pieces, better to remove from the pack five extra cigarettes to more clearly see how much you can afford to smoke today.
Replace conventional thin cigarette. The nicotine content in them is much smaller, so the transition will be more difficult for those smokers who do suffer physiological dependence. Those for whom smoking is - it's more of a ritual easier outsource such changes.
Give yourself a little time to get used to a new kind of cigarette. Then make it a rule not to smoke a cigarette as a whole, but only partially: the first two-thirds, and a week later - half. For convenience, make a mark pen or pencil, to be able to stop in time.
Start gradually reduce the daily rate of cigarettes. Select the most comfortable period of time, after which the need to reduce the limit on the unit. If you smoke a lot, reduce the daily rate is better every day. If you have enough of ten cigarettes a day, the period may be a week, or reduction of the limit may seem too sharp. Gradually you learn to be content with just one or two cigarettes a day.
Make the final step - give up smoking altogether. For this final step may require a lot of mental effort, so it is best to make a decisive step in a good mood, with a free daily challenges head on - for example, during the holidays or simply at the weekend.
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