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The history of Hanukkah

BC long time Jews coexisted peacefully with the Greeks, these people have many similarities, and found a common language. Between them there occurred serious contradictions: law-abiding Jews obey the rules established by Alexander the Great from the time of his conquests. End peaceful world was laid by the Greek king Antiochus: he forbade to carry out the traditional custom of circumcision, and this law the Jews have refused to carry out. They wanted to keep their faith, but the new restrictions Antiochus stop this: it was impossible to study Torah, to observe the laws of Shabbat, the Jewish faith to teach children. All were forced to adhere to the Greek religion.

A well-known family of the Maccabees organized a Jewish revolt, but a strong Greek Army exceeded its armament, number and training. Therefore, open battles rebel leaders escaped, with large armies tried not to meet, and attacked some Greek troops. Three years was carried out, this is almost a guerrilla war, and it gradually replaced the invaders out of the country.

According to legend, after the victory of the Jews almost no oil for the lamps in the Temple of Jerusalem. But a miracle happened - the lamp burned for eight days, which was enough for the procurement of new oil. Temple rededicated. And now every year Jews celebrate Hanukkah in honor of this miracle: a holiday lasts eight days, and its name, on the assumptions derived from the word "sanctification."

Hanukkah traditions

Hanukkah is celebrated all week long, the celebration traditionally begins in the evening. Jews are forbidden to work there during Hanukkah. These days are considered to be workers, and schools are closed only during the festival, which because of this is called "childish." Home Hanukkah tradition - the lighting of candles in the Jewish Hanukkah, which is similar to semisvechnuyu menorah used in Temple. After ignition children give money, but now sometimes, and other gifts, but a small amount in any case, should be given. Children during the festival often play dreidel - a spinning top with six sides, on which is written the phrase "A great miracle happened here."

On Chanukah eat potato, flour and cheese latkes - fried in butter treats like pancakes, baked pancakes, donuts made with fillings. These days have made dairy products, so almost every dish is cheese or milk. Almost all fried in oil, and as a sauce often acts cream.
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