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Tools and materials

Dry felting technique is the "official" name - filttsnadel, Felting or felting. The process consists in the fact that the wool fibers are compacted, and dumped in a tangled mass of the felt. For dry felting requires special tools - needle with barbs. Also needles will need a sponge, you do not accidentally hurt the needle (dry felting needles are very sharp) and spinning wool.
If the product is three-dimensional, you can fill the interior sintiponom - natural wool expensive, and will be cheaper. Wool can be performed only a shell, and the foundation - from syntepon.

Wool for dry felting shrinks. Its rolling the volume at reduced by about a third, so to acquire material for the product should be in the amount exceeding three times the size of the future product.


Because of the necessary amount of wool formed the outline of the product. If it beads slipping loose ball. Further, the product is placed on a sponge and he stuck a needle with barbs. The ball is constantly turned over to a needle stuck in different places. Wool fibers in a ball, clutching jagged begin to go awry, and the ball is sealed.

First, the needle is taken larger. When the product is compacted by half, they are replaced by more subtle. Needle sticks, using force and scope, should not be. And be sure to put the product on the foam, in any case, do not work for weight. When the ball is strongly compacted, the needle must stick strictly perpendicular as thin needle may break or get stuck in the fur.

Starting work in the technique of dry felting followed with simple things. Beads are suitable for this most. But if the product consists of several parts, all the parts lying first individually and then, using a small piece of wool, lying therebetween privalivayutsya each other.

If the product must possess high strength (such as a child's toy), separately matted details better together to sew.

Dry felting well that if anything went wrong, as planned, on the product formed bumps or dents, it's easy to fix, privalyav top right amount of wool. This technique does not require a large working space, sophisticated tools, and many materials. Multi-colored coat and a little imagination will allow to realize practically any creative idea, and the process of dry felting soothing and uplifting.
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