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The first step is to find a suitable room of at least 70 meters. There will be located: private office, reception, staff room, etc. If the clinic will provide services for prosthetics and teeth whitening, you'll need a large area. In this case, it will be necessary to place the office for the sterilization of instruments, X-ray room.
It is especially important to choose the dental equipment. To equip a cabinet will need a set of tools, a dental setting, doctor's chair and expendable tools. On average, it will take about 80 thousand dollars. There are many manufacturers that manufacture such equipment. Preference is to give the best-known brands - they are expensive, but more reliable cheap Chinese and even Japanese machines. If the funds for the purchase of expensive equipment is not enough, it is best to take b / equipment from the same manufacturer.
One of the main stages of the opening of the business is to obtain a license for the provision of dental services. Work on collecting the necessary documentation can be done by yourself, thus saving a lot of money or have it professional company - in this case, you can save time by spending it on the direct business organization.
Private dental clinic has dozens in any major city. Competition in this area is very high, so the main problem, especially at the initial stage, will be a shortage of customers. It is particularly important to carry out an elaborate advertising campaign, placing it in all the media. Of course, no advertising will not help if the service provided does not correspond to it. Therefore, staff shall consist only of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in this field and able to provide quality services. This applies not only directly dentists, but also administrators and managers.
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