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Remember that students need to acquire the product is a solid body with shoulder straps, and not the so-called portfolio that is to be worn in your hand as carrying heavy loads in the hand often leads to scoliosis, and even more serious problems with the spine. And do not buy a backpack with soft walls and soft as down, that does not protect the child's back from the pressure of heavy textbooks.
Note that the main indicators that characterize the right backpack is its mass, orthopedic back and reflective details. Empty weight backpack should be less than 1 kg, and with all the amenities - no more than 10% of the body weight of the child. In this context, modern manufacturers have created a symbiosis of backpacks - it has a rigid back like a knapsack, but much lighter weight, as a backpack. The back of your chosen backpack must follow the natural curve of the spine and have a child at the bottom of a small roller - lumbar support, which will be distributed to the main load.
How to choose a backpack
Please note that the shoulder straps should be adjusted in length, have a cushioned surface to avoid crashing into the shoulders. The correct width straps - 4-5 cm.
Try your chosen baby backpack, paying attention to the following:
- The width of the backpack to the width of the shoulders of the child;
- The child's shoulders and the upper edge of the backpack for about the same height, and the lower end - at waist level;
- Satchel tight to the back of the child.
How to choose a backpack
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