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The advantages of a positive view of the world broadcast by the media for quite a long time, but that's about pessimism said little good. At the same time the absolute optimism can be dangerous for humans, because in this case the individual passes all events through the prism of extreme positive and did not see the present situation. Hence, negative mood can benefit society.


People who are too eager to hit an optimistic attitude towards life, sometimes are really quite nonchalantly. Sometimes they go on quite reasonable risk, for example, carelessly invest in unpromising direction. While pessimists, skeptics think carefully about your moves and weigh all the "pros" and "cons". This helps them make the best decision and to provide all the risks.

It turns out to be a pessimist is more favorable because the place of spontaneity and blind faith in the best possible outcome in any case comes to distrust and healthy skepticism.
In preparation to any case it is very helpful to the individual. He mentally loses the worst case scenario and prepare yourself for possible difficulties.


Extreme optimists sometimes go too far in their expectations. Naturally, the place of hope may come disappointment.
It turns out that the pessimists are not particularly expect a positive result in any case, they are pleasantly surprised when our mistake, but never - upset outcome.

Negativism in addition to optimism allows you to see the objective reality. So he needs a person who does not want to be just a dreamer and live in illusions.


Sometimes the midst of sadness and suffering person finds his inspiration. Ironically, a happy, positive minded audience less inclined to creativity than the creator, dejected happening. Thus, negativism rules muses and so it becomes another creative people.

Another advantage of pessimism is that it helps to diversify life. Without dark mood would not be as valuable a cheerful mood. The man has not experienced doubt and fear will not be able to appreciate moments of calm and serenity. The best option for healthy living and objective perception of reality - finding a balance between optimistic and pessimistic, that is realism.
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