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Download from the Internet application Dreamweaver, to be able to edit flash template. In addition, you have on your personal computer must be installed Flash. If not, install it. Then you can choose Dreamweaver SWF-files to change the flash pattern.
Open the "Property inspector" in the application Dreamweaver. It locate the item "Window", then "Properties". Select the file you intend to edit. Click on it once with the left mouse button, and then click "Change", which you will find on the toolbar in the Property inspector.
Right-click on the tab of the SWF-file. After that, in the context menu, select "Change in the application Flash». After running this command, Dreamweaver will give focus file an application Flash, which will determine the starting position of the FLA-file.
In that case, if the flash file is not found automatically, manually specify its location. It happens that for some reason, SWF or FLA files are locked by the previous editing by other users. It's not scary. A special feature of the program Dreamweaver they can be released.
Edit flash files into a Flash application at its discretion. Then click "Finish". The change will take place as follows. At the beginning of the application makes a change to a file FLA, then export it to a file SWF. After that, the focus will return to the application Dreamweaver.
To work with the new version of the file, locate the toolbar menu item "File", then "Update for Dreamweaver». Then, to see the updated file in the document, click the "Play" button, or press F12, to preview the file in a browser window.
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