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Monaco Grand Prix held in 1929 in Monte Carlo. Roads in the principality famous for its high quality from the beginning of the last century and meet the highest standards of high-speed competition, so the track for the race "Formula-1" does not require special training. Slides and sharp turns creates special challenges participants to the races. There is even a risk of falling of the car in the water, but in this case the team is always ready to rescue divers drivers.

For many years, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most spectacular stages of the championship, "Formula 1", and exciting events in the life of the Principality. Traditionally, from the rostrum of the race watched members of the Royal family of Monaco.

Unlike other stages of the competition, which starts on Friday, the Monaco Grand Prix kicks off on Thursday with free practice. To this day it is allocated two sessions of 1.5 hours and 1 hour on a Saturday. Riders passing on the highway in a free mode to explore its features and customize the car.

On Saturday carried qualification, consisting of three sessions on 20, 15 and 10 minutes, during which the pilot is given a chance to pass any number of laps and show the least time, which is a credit. Drivers who showed the best results, take part in all three meetings, the results of which are defined by their place at the start of the race. For Monaco Grand Prix qualifying position it is very important: the track that runs through the city streets, virtually eliminates the possibility of overtaking, so increases the chances of the pilot, going first to win.

The race itself takes place on Sunday at 14.00 local time. At the Monaco Grand Prix drivers passing a distance of 260 km, which is different from the other stages of "Formula 1", where the average distance is about 305 km. The race lasts about 2 hours.

During the competition the team can produce any number of pit stops to replace rubber and maintenance of the car. Check in to the pit lane on the track in Monte Carlo characterized the need to reduce speed to 80 km / h, while on the other tracks, the limit is 100 km / h.

At the end of the race made the award winners. Pilots on the podium, he handed the Champion sounds the national anthem, which is the winner, followed by the national anthem, advocated by his team. Pilots douse each other with champagne and congratulations on the successful completion of the Grand Prix.

The award ceremony is traditionally headed by members of the royal family. In particular, the 2012 Grand Prix was presented by the Prince of Monaco Albert II, the prize for the second place - Princess Charlene, and for the third - the nephew of Prince Prince Andrew.

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