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Free website can now be ordered in many web studios, including in large, well-known companies. Of course, the site will give you a reason, and in order promote a resource, at least - of any other services. As a rule, companies are asking the customer to pay for services for site promotion to several months in advance (at least 2-3 months). Some studios, such promotion is valid only temporarily, in others - Create sites offer constantly.
To find a web studio, which is engaged in the creation of free sites, type in a search engine query "site for free when ordering a promotion." You get dozens of offers from a variety of companies.
Before you choose a company and sign a contract, read carefully the terms of the offer. How much you have to pay? What services do you get for the money? What results can be achieved? What guarantees does the company?
Examine the portfolio of web-studios. Rate examples of sites that are offered within the service "free site". See what results the company has achieved in promoting the sites of their clients. Well, if there are successful examples include at least one site similar to your subjects.
Compare price offers from several companies. The cost of the promotion web resource, as a rule, is calculated individually. Therefore, a price can not be limited to viewing the contact with the manager and ask them to send me a price offer specifically for your future site.

Prices in different companies can vary greatly: in the same way as the services offered. It is not necessary to strive for the most economical option. Choose the best combination of price and quality. Better to pay more than the company that will give you a quality site and will be able to bring it to the leading position in the search engines. These investments will pay off.
Signed a contract with the selected web studio.
Another possibility to get a free site - a collaboration by way of barter, when creating a website for the service you pay no money, and an equivalent service. What this service will depend on your ability. For example, if you want to order a free corporate website, the return can offer products that sells your company or professional assistance.
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