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Silicon is produced in the human thyroid gland. But it contains more than just a skeleton, hair and teeth. The concentration of silicon in the brain varies depending on the condition: increase in nerve excitation, and during braking is reduced.

The organism enters the silicon and the products that we use. They are particularly rich plant foods: vegetables, fruits, high-fiber cereals, brown bread.

Best of all silicon uptake in the body occurs during exercise.

The body acts as a building material silicon to form amino acids and hormones, as well as the catalyst of many biochemical processes. It also stimulates the immune system, prevents the development of cancer and diabetes.

With the shortage of silicon in the body accelerates the aging process, in vessels cholesterol plaques appear, no toxins, become brittle nails and hair.

The required minimum dose to the body of silicon is 20 mg per day. Supplementation is recommended during pregnancy, osteoporosis, in all chronic diseases. However, first necessary to consult with your doctor.
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