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Live consciously. Do not do on autopilot even the long familiar, everyday actions performed. In concentrated state more difficult tempted to depart from its main objectives. But just a distraction contributes to the commission of various stupid things that are alien to human willpower.
Do not go too far. You should not demand too much from yourself. Remember that your inner resources are not limitless. Willpower should be trained gradually, over and over again raising the bar. The man who once swung on great achievements without preparation, may soon surrender, than those who put more earthly purpose.
Keep in mind the cases of their victories over their weaknesses or external circumstances. Let the mind will always be a positive example, while fear of failure will recede. The ability to control themselves will increase in proportion to the faith in the own will.
Do not forget about the power of habits. Coaching will power, remember the rule 21 days. New actions take root in your life after about 3 weeks. It was during this period should be to strengthen the daily supervision. Have a specific time frame will give you strength for new achievements.
The answer to the question of why some attempts to exercise willpower are ineffective, is in the sense of the presence of a particular action. Self-control - a great tool for building a new reality only with the motivation. It makes no sense to train the willpower in action that you do not need in your life. Your brain understands the futility of exercise and wise cease to violate conscience.
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