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Be targeted advertising in the side blocks and other places do not disturb the normal viewing site. Audiences will not be lowered, and a few extra clicks will bring some profit. It is better if the service supports the integration of advertising with search engines and user accounts online (t. E. Advertising will only show one that is interesting to the visitor, respectively, the number of clicks is more).
Use the file storage services and affiliate programs they provide, if you present a unique online content, and the load on the server while downloading blocks access to the site. Payment per thousand of downloads, so this method should be applied only if the daily audience of the site at least 6-8 thousand people (unique, but not necessarily - the same person can view a few banner ads and download several different files) .
Sign up for the site's affiliate programs that offer link exchange from network directories. This method is used on the site with an audience of more than 10 thousand. People, as links from directories are specific and targeted at experienced users of the network. However, this method is one of the most reliable options to profit online, because loyal audience and professional users prefer to click on the link to the topic they are interested in, rather than walk on questionable sites m, so actively promoted through conventional advertisements.
Publish a link to the site in one of the storage of bookmarks to increase attendance and inform users about the creation of the site. The increase will be noticeable immediately, so it's best to use the services of at least three dozen different directory links and bookmarks.
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