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Particular attention should be paid in addition to the beach. Going sunbathing, it is easy to take with a couple who of beach accessories can transform into a skirt or sundress.

As for the dress, you can opt for bright and colorful models that will raise spirits and give the image a special charm. Or you can opt for an elegant dress in the style of the 60s. No less popular is the classic pea as a major graphic and feminine shirt.

Also pay attention to the skirt-year. Narrow at the hips and flared at the bottom, this skirt will add the image of femininity and sexuality.

The choice of accessories is also important. Belts and belt is still very relevant. The wide belts look better on tall and slender girls, because they are visually clean a few centimeters, which low girls will not want to leave. But thin strap fits all. This accessory is capable of at the waist to emphasize the feminine curves of the silhouette, but you can wear it and thighs (with jeans or long skirt).

The summer season is the most suitable for bright colors and unusual clothes and experiments. The original models of clothes to help show their individuality.

Every girl in the summer of wanting to look fashionable and stylish, handy a few tricks:

  • bright pattern on the skirt is best combined with monotonous riding;
  • in hot weather is better to choose a dress made of natural fabrics such as linen or cotton;
  • do not forget the decorations - they will be unique and different in every situation.

The main task for every girl in the summer time is the search for the garment, which in hot weather make you feel comfortable and easily, help to create a stylish and unique image, and thus, will hide figure flaws. The most feminine option would be a simple summer dress, colorful jewelry and shoes with heels. This image admiring glances of men can not be avoided.

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