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"Do not drink the water, and then a sore throat."
Throat, in fact, not hurt by the icy water, and by unspoken thoughts and emotions. Paradoxically, it is a fact - if the child does not gag when he says, crying or screaming, and do not blame him for the emotions, words and ways of expression, and throat will not hurt.
"I do not have fun with food."
Children do not know how to play, or to indulge in a little aged. They thus learn about the world of objects and properties. Food - not the exception.
"Do not look so closely - will break eye / vision Posada."
What does it mean to break or planted? Break a thing is possible, and you can put something on the sofa, for example. Eyesight can deteriorate, and it is getting worse because of the unpleasant associations with the future. For example, when parents say "grow - know" or "grow up - you will understand how hard it is to earn / live." In addition, one becomes short-sighted when it forbid to see the details. Kids love to be considered, touch and recognize all things, including those that are on the street. This happens when adults pulled children run into them and require no tinkering here, here and there ...
"Enough rage / messing / fooling around."
Why not? When the child is still fooling around, not in a happy childhood? If a child is not in a cloudless nadurachitsya as it should, then in adult life serious, and successful family man will experience a constant desire to be a clown that will look very strange to others.
"Aren `t you ashamed?!"
Puny and fraught hang on the child's sense of guilt and shame. Adults used to dump the responsibility on children for themselves, for their own state, for their methods of raising a child, and the child as a result of living with guilt, ill, becomes angry and unhappy.
"Stop bawling!".
It's like saying "Stop purify his soul, leaving his inner pain in themselves and live on." Unshed pain will accumulate and make the child more callous and angrier.
"You'll fall - will be hurt."
If you constantly tell a child about it, so be it. These words are a warning to the child, because they are the facts that work for the child, as a program for action. Instead, these phrases need to help your child to try his hand where he had not tried it myself, give him a hand and support. Instill in the child's self-confidence and abilities.
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