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You will need
  • - Blog platform WordPress;
  • - Plug-TAC.
To place an active link to the author template - a good tone, but some portals insert your link, so the owners of the portal get a lot of backlinks to their site. If this site is distributing free templates with your link - it says about fraudulent administrator of the project.
To view links to these templates, there is a special plug-in: it shows not just links to the author's template and links that have been set by someone, perhaps a site administrator, where you downloaded the template. Go to the admin panel of your site by clicking at the top link "Kosnol."
In the opened "admin" (control panel site) TAC click on the link on the left side of the window (see "Appearance"). In the right pane displays all of the templates that you downloaded to your blog. Instead of each topic there is a button Detalis, click it to view the location of external links. If next to the theme of the design is the inscription Theme OK, so, there are only links to the author of this work, or need to seek foreign links.
In the list of references remember which file contains unnecessary references. Click "Edit" in the left pane (see "Appearance"). On the right side, find the file specified plugin TAC. Most likely, it will file footer.php. If before you appeared only one line about this content - gRhYEpkhYTfENl4GrfdY87, then line coded.
To expand a code, enter a few characters "*" (asterisk) before and after the encoded string. Click "Update file" and open a new tab in your site. Right-click on any empty area of your site, and then click "Page Source".
The new window will appear html-code the entire page. Press the key combination Ctrl + F (Search) and enter as many stars as indicated in the file footer.php. Look at the contents of the page, between the stars and copy it into the above file with the replacement of the encoded string.
Now you can completely remove all external links that lead to the site of the portal, which you provided the template. Do not be afraid to remove these links, because you downloaded free of charge subject for which you can thank the author alone.
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