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Furniture polish beer. It should be mixed in equal parts of beer and sunflower oil. Soft cloth to wipe the furniture, pre-soaking it made solution. You can also polish the furniture with one beer, no oil, but the efficacy of this procedure is significantly reduced.

Shoe made of gold. Some gold jewelry darken with time, however, this problem is easy to fix with the help of regular beer. To dip darkened gold products in a container of beer, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. By the way, beer is also easily cleans jewelry, metal and wood products. If dirt and dark patina much eaten into the thing, you can instead use a rag old toothbrush.

Clarification of hair. It often happens that after coloring the hair, the color is a bit darker than you planned. This trouble is easy to fix, if the hair is soaked in beer, and let them dry naturally. Once hair is dry, they need to rinse well under running water. After this procedure, the hair will be one to two shades lighter, and will look shiny and healthy.

Shampoo of beer. You can cook in the home of beer a natural shampoo that makes your hair healthy and shiny with regular use. The beer contains protein, which strengthens the hair. For the preparation of beer shampoo necessary to bring it to boiling point, it must be evaporated half liquid, followed by mixing the resulting broth with a shampoo in a proportion of three parts beer broth per one part shampoo.

Hair conditioner of beer. In order to use beer as a conditioner for hair, wash hair-settled (without gas) beer after the heads are washed with regular shampoo. Beer is applied to wet hair into two - three minutes, and then rinsed off under running water. Regular use of beer as a hair conditioner contributes to their rapid growth and recovery.

Beer as a fertilizer for plants. Brewer's yeast contained in beer, contribute to the growth of plants, so you can easily pour the remains of the low-alcohol drink in the flower pots.

Marinade of beer. Beer is perfectly softens the meat and makes it succulent, tasty and fragrant. Meat beer marinate need for at least two hours.

Footbaths of beer. Beer yeast is well soften rough skin. Foot Bath of beer will help relieve heavy legs and soften problem areas. After a spa treatment you need to take a shower.

Ice cream of beer. For lovers of the exotic can be prepared from a refreshing ice cream beer. It is necessary to pour into ice cube tray a little beer and put it in the freezer. For convenience, at partial freeze, you can insert a toothpick in the ice cubes.

Beer as a means to fight garden pests. Snails and slugs are constantly annoy cottagers, however, if you put in places where pests container of beer, they are instead planting will be collected here in a makeshift bar.

Cleaning knife beer. After cleaning the fish knife unpleasant smells. Malodorous help cope beer. It is necessary to wipe the knife with a cotton swab moistened with a beer and a peculiar odor will disappear.

Mitigating shoes. Beer is an effective emollient, so it helps to carry shoes from leather and suede. It is necessary to moisten the beer problem areas on the shoe, and soon it will no longer be a nuisance when worn.

Strengthen nails beer. It is necessary to mix one cup of warm beer and a glass of apple juice. Then place the hands in the resulting solution for 10-15 minutes, then wash them with warm water and oil cream. This procedure helps to strengthen the nail plate and make your hands soft. It is recommended to do such a bath once or twice a week, and the result will not be long in coming.

Beer for removing stains from clothing. This intoxicating drink copes well with stains from coffee or tea. To remove the stain, you need to pour some beer on him and wait until it is well absorbed, followed by rubbing the stain and rinse under running water beer.

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