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The plot of the film takes the viewer into the hippie era, the first concert of the legendary band "Time Machine", the peak of popularity of Vysotsky and the premiere of "The generals sand pits". The capital of Russia seething passions while no less than in the current year. But the atmosphere was different, like people, like their interests and characters. The cast and creators of the film managed to convey all these details with such precision that even the young people of that time warmly about the picture, despite its slightly harsh and philosophical essence and motivated.

Geography and History filming

The film "House of the Sun" was shot in Moscow and the Crimea, the Crimean famous places in it were Balaklava, Kerch and Karadag. For shooting crowd scenes invited local residents who do not pass nor any prior preparation, and just wore suits and perform the necessary actions on the first take, under the guidance of assistants, operators, and the most eminent director. All of them fondly recalls his acting debut, and especially note the friendliness of the crew and extraordinary friendly atmosphere at the site. A costume say that a couple of times they had instead of 30-40 hippie dress more than 300, and a couple of hours, they solved the problem with the costumes for the extras.

To create the scenery, especially at the shooting in the city of Kerch, in practice, it was not necessary. Most of the scenes were filmed on the so-called graveyard of ships, in city parks and on the streets. Only a few scenes require artificial walls of houses, lightly decorated by the artist of the film.

Funded company filming the legendary "20th Century Fox" than its director is very proud of. According to him, the original members of this master of the film industry attracted storyline about hippies, but in the process they are now summarized as a drama of love and the essence of the human soul.

Actors on filming

The cast of the film "House of the Sun" is impressive - contains the most famous and eminent representatives of the profession, along with little-known. Interest in the film was so high even before the start of filming, that bounce from the roles of the performers was not. And the task equally well handled as the masters of cinema, as well as newcomers to the profession. According to the lead actors, director before filming of a scene forced to live these moments to feel the atmosphere of the time. A role models and dive were not only artistic and documentary footage of 70-years of the last century, but the trip "hares" on trains, spending the night in the mountains, a detailed study of the culture and philosophy of the current "hippies".
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