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In hot weather, it is very difficult to suppress the desire to quickly cool. Some people spend their time in front of a fan or air conditioning in the room, others regularly attend the icy shower, and others are actively eating ice cream and drinking cold water. However, these activities help only for a very short period of time, but their effects can be detrimental to your health.

During heat doctors recommend to give up a few things. Firstly, not swim in cold water. Sudden changes in temperature can cause a spasm of blood vessels. As a consequence can begin angina or heart attack.

Second, try to stay away from scavenged kneaded (windows, aimed at a single point of fans and so on.). If it's hot, it does not mean that you will not sell. On the contrary, in warm weather, there is an increase of requests for medical assistance with otitis, sciatica, bronchitis.

Thirdly, discard the clothes made of synthetics. Prefer things natural, pleasant body breathable fabrics: cotton, silk, linen. Well, if the garment is cut free, without irritating the skin elements (hidden zippers, inside pockets, zippers and so forth.). Pay attention to the color. Choose bright dresses that will not allow overheat.

Fourth, while the heat is not recommended to use a heavy meal. Refuse to be from the baking, meat, fatty sauces, sausages, alcohol. The basis of the menu should be fruits and vegetables. In very hot weather is better to refrain from the cold and treats - ice cream. It can cause a sore throat or tonsillitis. Instead of coffee and black tea drink unsweetened fruit drinks, herbal teas, water.

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