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Professional sports - this is not the exercise and fitness, ie the recovery of the body, he has nothing. Moreover, the body works hard, and injuries and congestion are commonplace. That is why professional athletes career does not last very long. They start out in early childhood and in the 30-35 years of age can safely complete the operation because the effects on age and injuries are already starting to work against them. But in all this there is an undoubted advantage. After the end of the professional sportsman's career is actually still very young, he has great potential and a lot of time in order to achieve new heights in any other field. In addition, physically fit and in-depth knowledge about training, nutrition, anatomy and body capabilities are a guarantee that in the end this man for many years remain fit and alert.
A talented athlete is always a chance to gain recognition at the global level. At all times, members of this profession enjoyed a special honor and recognition. If celebrities from the world of cinema and show business can be criticized, even with undeniable success, the sports stars - a special class. This elite, whose achievements are measured in concrete terms (glasses, the goals, cups, medals) and are a source of pride for the entire nation.
High sports achievements are always associated with high fees. Of course, an ordinary athlete can hardly count on the fabulous profits. However, those who go to the international level, can make a solid state. In some sports fees, literally insane. A striking example - football, in which even the final achievement of the players do not play the key role. Moreover, in the coming years is unlikely to amounts paid to players, would be lower, as the salaries of athletes and entertainment depend on the popularity of a particular sport. Of course, representatives of the most popular destinations are not paid various bonuses, including the government.
A professional athlete has a number of advantages associated with personal qualities, which are formed during his career. Willpower, perseverance, the ability to win beautifully and lose, steadfast adherence to its goals - a few character traits and skills that are very useful in later life.
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