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First, pay attention to the general view of ravioli. Bright colorful package - not necessarily fraught with delicious dumplings. Check the expiration date. And expiration date must be clearly stamped rather than once a vague. Qualitative dumplings without preservatives can be kept for only 30 days. Then study the composition of the product. Meat dumplings should be at least two kinds. Often, for the sake of economy, manufacturers are replacing part of the soya mince. Make sure she's present in small quantities. It should not be more than 10%.
Look carefully at the color of the dumplings. Gray, bright yellow and orange ravioli - is substandard dumplings. If they have the color, then it not entirely made of high-quality products. Also it is necessary to take into account the shape of dumplings. Best of all, if they have a standard circular shape. Generally, the more complex and torsion form, the more manufacturers save on meat.
Note the packing. Dumplings can be sold in cardboard boxes, plastic bags and in bulk. Before buying a product in a box, take it in your hands and shake. Dumplings within it must be free to fight against each other. It speaks about their quality. If the product is sold in transparent packaging, note how located dumplings. If they are deformed and stuff is made with each other, it means that their repeatedly frozen and thawed. To do so, you should not. This suffering is not only the appearance of ravioli, but also their quality.
It will be useful to focus their attention on the structure and quality test. This can be done, and through the transparent packaging. The test should not be stabilizers, thickeners and neutralizers. Those. such words should not be included in their production. If you find this, you can safely pass these dumplings. Also the amount of water affects the dough. Respectable manufacturers do not replace the water enzymatic substances which it is associated. Check that has been written as part of the exact amount of water added. Yet little is important to not get out of the dough filling. If this happens, the greater the likelihood that ravioli dough after cooking and stuffing will be separated from each other.
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