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One of the most disputed drugs are antibiotics - tetracycline, biomitsin and others. Eliminate the menu milk and acidic foods, drinks, juices, drink as they neutralize the action exerted by these drugs.

With antidepressants is not necessary to combine sauerkraut and cheeses, soy sauce, dried meat, fish, sour cream, yogurt, figs. They contain many of tyramine - in combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors, members of the anti-depressants, blood pressure increases.

Taking aspirin, food should eat a low carbohydrate, fat and protein. Otherwise, the effect of taking the medication reduced by half. Aspirin can not drink milk - a cure does not work, and citrus juices can irritate the mucous membrane.

Painkillers (aminopyrine, aspirin, etc.) should not be combined with smoked food - all the beneficial effects of drugs is reduced "to zero."

Taking iron medication, give up coffee, tea, sweet, flour, nuts and dairy products. They can complicate the absorption of iron by the body.

Diuretic drugs are removed from the body much potassium. To make up for it, eat peas, beets, onions, apricots, carrots and apples. But with liquorice (licorice root) combined diuretics should not be - it can cause increased separation of liquid and leads to dehydration.

Sulfonamide - sulfadimezin, Biseptol, sulfadimetoksin - antibacterial and antimicrobial agents. If their use is shown schelochesoderzhaschey drink more fluids, mineral water. You should not have a lot of sugary and fatty foods - this will cause a delay in digestion and reduce the effectiveness of drugs.

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