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Cat litter may be more than one cat
A cat can mate with different males and to have kittens from them, but not necessarily all cats with whom mated. That is why in one litter of kittens can be a completely different color.
Kittens also lose their baby teeth
Kittens are born toothless. At the age of about two weeks, they begin to erupt first baby teeth. The loss of deciduous teeth, generally begins approximately 3 months of age and ending at about 6 or 9 months.
The cat 32 muscles in only one ear
For comparison, a total of 6 human ear muscles. A cat can rotate 180 degrees on the ears and the ability to turn in the direction of sound 10 times faster than the best watchdogs. Also, cats can hear ultrasound.
Nose cat has a unique pattern
Two cats will never have the same pattern of the nose. It is also unique as human fingerprints.
Cats have extraordinary eyes
Cats can see in the dark as clearly as people in the daytime. In addition, cats can see in the distance up to 120 meters and 285 degrees around!
White cats with blue eyes deaf
Most pure white cats with blue eyes are deaf. If a white cat is only one blue eye, then he is likely to deaf in one ear.
Domestic cats live longer
The average life span of a domestic cat is about 15 years, while the outdoor cats live from 3 to 5 years.
Cats publishes more than 100 different sounds
For comparison, a dog can only emit about 10 sounds. Cats purr, hiss, meow, and even growl.
Cat brings you a mouse - it means she loves you
When cat brings you a mouse or a bird, try not to blame her for it. It's kind of a sign of love and friendship.
Cats rescued Disneyland
In California Disneyland every night produced more than 200 wild cats to control the maximum amount of mice and rats.
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