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Liquid insulation - insulation for walls is, in liquid form, which has high thermal insulation and waterproofing properties. Also it is used for thermal insulation of steam lines and pipelines. It is perfectly dampens sounds so used as a means of noise isolation. Liquid insulating materials treated with the facades of residential buildings, manufacturing plants, vehicles, tanks for storage and drying of grain, etc.

Advantages of liquid insulation:

• High level of thermal conductivity and heat retention;
• Ease of use (1 cm. The cover is 40 mm foam);
• High level of waterproofing condensing steam;
• Protection of metal or other surface on which a thermal insulation, corrosion;
• Protection of surfaces from mold, mildew and rodents;
• Isolation hard to reach places;
• No load bearing structure;
• Easy application on the surface;
• Environmental safety and cleanliness.

Thermal insulation properties are such that in the summer to 90% of solar heat is reflected from the protected surfaces. In winter, at low temperatures, by contrast, maintained until 70% of the heat. Due to its liquid consistency, insulation used as regular paint that helps to protect even the most remote places, such as spherical tank, pipe joints, corners of walls.

So you save space of the room, because the thin coating takes up less space than the foam and similar materials. You do not need to mess with installing, using additional materials. The surfaces retain their original architectural form, as the material does not involve the formation of joints and fasteners.

The material is environmentally friendly. It does not contain compounds that can cause harm to human health or the nature surrounding it. Liquid insulation indifferent to weather conditions. You can apply its usual paint roller in the summer or autumn. It is resistant to high and low temperatures, provides fire safety.

Another problem faced by anyone wishing to insulate your home or place of work - the mountains of debris. Not only do they take up a lot of space, create a sense of chaos, on completion of repairs need to spend time Pickup waste. Liquid insulation compact. It is easily applied to the surface creates a mountain of trash, saving space and time to be spent by rational means. Liquid insulation significantly reduces heat loss, making comfortable and safe as the production processes, and domestic life.
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