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You will need
  • - Application on a recruitment agency;
  • - market analysis;
  • - employment contract.
Create your company's department for the recruitment and training of personnel. Usually the founders of the company and its employees do not have time to negotiate with the candidates and conduct interviews with them. After all, the criteria for selection are usually quite complex.
Contact the recruitment agency as an alternative. At the same time, remember that show them the services - are paid. Prepare your application, where specify the necessary requirements for the personal and professional qualities of the agent. Make an appointment with the manager of the selected agencies, respond to questions concerning the working conditions of the candidate, his remuneration. The accuracy of your answers will depend on a variety of options when choosing a representative.
Be sensible - no need to immediately make excessive demands, report real information about the situation in your company. If the status of the company's trade market town high enough, willing to work on this job will be a lot. Depending on this, and the need to impose certain requirements. If the company and its product is not yet known, and the candidates seeking employment will be quite a bit.
Make an appointment with the candidate for the post of sales agent. Depending on his experience will vary and its own requirements. Of course, it will be easier to work with beginners who are just starting their way in the trading business, and are aware of their low cost of the labor market, agreeing to cooperate cheaper. But do not forget then, that from them will depend on the success of your company and its sales.
Agree with your new agent, the conditions of work, his salary and duties. If you want to design it for a trial period. Do not neglect and additional training of your new employee.
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